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" a delicate and aristocratic landscapist and interpreter of Romagna, a district teeming with humours and light.
In time he has become a traveller and frequently goes abroad to widen and mature a larger scale of figurative topics dedicated to the countries he has visited, with particular attention to France and eastern Europe, developing new expressions, adopting a different pallette and asuming, together with the traditional values of the iconographic landscape, those cultural data which give their depth to the historical essentiality of the subjects reproduced".

"....conceptual painting, given charm by its refined elegance and brightened up by unexpected chromatic insertions, revealed above the composition with power of matter, offering a view of vibrating light, strengthened by tridimensionality.  A graphic setting upon which, rather than painting, he constructs and sculpts his figures in oils, sometimes combined with different materials prepared by the painter himself, thus producing an artistic synthesis pursued by many, however rarely completely achieved, treating the materials as  a living and pulsating substance".
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